Transition of Subscribers to the Hololive Channel

AZKiAZKiInonaka Music525,000+02021-08-13 13:00 (500K)
Gawr GuraGawr GuraEnglish3,490,000+02021-09-23 15:30 (3.4M)
Sakura MikoSakura Miko0th1,250,000+02021-08-28 21:20 (1.2M)
Tokino SoraTokino Sora0th871,000+1,0002021-07-11 00:10 (800K)
Airani IofifteenAirani IofifteenIndonesia 1st473,000+02021-07-01 19:10 (400K)
IRySIRySEnglish Project:HOPE672,000+2,0002021-08-24 19:40 (600K)
Aki RosenthalAki Rosenthal1st596,000+02021-05-05 00:10 (500K)
Ayunda RisuAyunda RisuIndonesia 1st540,000+02021-08-11 15:40 (500K)
Anya MelfissaAnya MelfissaIndonesia 2nd395,000+1,0002021-05-04 13:00 (300K)
Ouro KuroniiOuro KuroniiEnglish Council476,000+2,0002021-09-30 10:30 (400K)
Kureiji OllieKureiji OllieIndonesia 2nd856,000+02021-09-04 08:40 (800K)
Ceres FaunaCeres FaunaEnglish Council319,000+2,0002021-10-10 18:00 (300K)
Hakos BaelzHakos BaelzEnglish Council312,000+1,0002021-10-12 15:40 (300K)
Pavolia ReinePavolia ReineIndonesia 2nd502,000+1,0002021-10-15 13:20 (500K)
Moona HoshinovaMoona HoshinovaIndonesia 1st888,000+1,0002021-08-08 10:10 (800K)
Roboco-sanRoboco-san0th759,000+1,0002021-07-16 20:20 (700K)
Watson AmeliaWatson AmeliaEnglish1,480,000+02021-08-21 15:50 (1.4M)
Ninomae InanisNinomae InanisEnglish1,240,000+02021-09-13 22:10 (1.2M)
Nanashi MumeiNanashi MumeiEnglish Council375,000+2,0002021-09-22 13:50 (300K)
Shiranui FlareShiranui Flare3rd787,000+1,0002021-07-12 01:30 (700K)
Tsukumo SanaTsukumo SanaEnglish Council205,000+1,0002021-10-13 11:10 (200K)
Usada PekoraUsada Pekora3rd1,740,000+02021-09-13 21:00 (1.7M)
Natsuiro MatsuriNatsuiro Matsuri1st1,140,000+02021-08-17 13:10 (1.1M)
Yozora MelYozora Mel1st614,000+02021-09-07 02:10 (600K)
Ookami MioOokami MioGamers867,000+1,0002021-07-31 03:30 (800K)
Oozora SubaruOozora Subaru2nd1,150,000+02021-09-02 15:20 (1.1M)
Amane KanataAmane Kanata4th1,060,000+02021-07-27 20:40 (1M)
Himemori LunaHimemori Luna4th715,000+1,0002021-10-04 19:30 (700K)
Houshou MarineHoushou Marine3rd1,660,000+02021-09-03 13:30 (1.6M)
Takanashi KiaraTakanashi KiaraEnglish1,220,000+02021-09-23 18:00 (1.2M)
Omaru PolkaOmaru Polka5th844,000+1,0002021-08-28 08:50 (800K)
Tokoyami TowaTokoyami Towa4th837,000+02021-09-06 01:00 (800K)
Inugami KoroneInugami KoroneGamers1,700,000+02021-10-13 00:10 (1.7M)
Hoshimachi SuiseiHoshimachi Suisei0th1,180,000+02021-08-17 23:40 (1.1M)
Momosuzu NeneMomosuzu Nene5th792,000+02021-07-21 02:00 (700K)
Kiryu CocoKiryu Coco4th1,440,000+02021-07-06 16:30 (1.4M)
Mori CalliopeMori CalliopeEnglish1,740,000+02021-09-21 12:00 (1.7M)
Minato AquaMinato Aqua2nd1,410,000+02021-10-05 18:00 (1.4M)
Uruha RushiaUruha Rushia3rd1,440,000+02021-09-12 20:30 (1.4M)
Nekomata OkayuNekomata OkayuGamers1,210,000+02021-09-27 23:10 (1.2M)
Shishiro BotanShishiro Botan5th1,000,000+02021-10-16 20:40 (1M)
Yuzuki ChocoYuzuki Choco2nd751,000+1,0002021-07-31 09:50 (700K)
Shirakami FubukiShirakami Fubuki1st1,640,000+02021-09-11 19:30 (1.6M)
Shirogane NoelShirogane Noel3rd1,330,000+02021-09-12 13:20 (1.3M)
Nakiri AyameNakiri Ayame2nd1,140,000+02021-09-06 16:00 (1.1M)
Murasaki ShionMurasaki Shion2nd890,000+02021-07-20 16:10 (800K)
Tsunomaki WatameTsunomaki Watame4th1,080,000+02021-07-18 00:00 (1M)
Akai HaatoAkai Haato1st1,280,000+02021-07-29 00:40 (1.2M)
Yukihana LamyYukihana Lamy5th837,000+1,0002021-09-01 22:40 (800K)

How to get the number of subscribers

The number of subscribers is collected using the YouTube Data API v3, and "diff", the comparison of the number of subscribers to the previous day is the difference between the latest data and the data collected 24hours ago.

The interval of data acquisition can be changed depending on the situation, but the basic interval is once every 10 minutes.

Due to the specification of the API, the number of registered users is only reflected in increments of 1,000.
Therefore, if there is actually an increase in registrations, the increase will be counted as zero unless the number of registrants increases beyond 1,000.

Number of subscribers change

Data collection began on August 16, 2020; therefore, the number of channel subscribers prior to August 15, 2020 may not be accurate.
Please be aware of this in advance.

About Graph Operations


If you hover over the name of a hololive member at the bottom of the graph, that member will be highlighted in the graph.

Show/Hide switch

By clicking on the name of a hololive member, you can show or hide them on the graph.

You can also hide all hololive members from the graph by pressing the "Hide All" button below their names.
Please use this function when you want to narrow down the number of displays in a graph for comparison.

※Toggles between showing and hiding each time you press the button.

Graph Zoom

By dragging the cursor in the graph, you can zoom in on the selected area.
If you want to return to the original, please click on the "🏠" button in the upper right corner of the graph

About the smartphones display

The contents of the "Latest data" differ between PC, tablet and smartphones.
The content of each is as follows.

※Over 1200px width


※Over 768px width




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first publication:Aug 23 2020

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