About forecast

This page calculates the date when the number of subscribers reaches 1 million(*1) by curve fitting using the Least Squares Method based on the number of subscribers to the Youtube channel of the Hololive member in the last 14 days.

Please note that the date calculated as the projected date of achievement is only a projection and may differ from the actual date of achievement.

The subscribers count is updated about every 10 minutes, but the million prediction takes a little longer to reflect because the prediction date is recalculated only once a day.

*1:After 1 million, the number is calculated in units of 1 million.

Forecast date of achievement

Tokino SoraTokino Sora871,0001M2022-05-19 (211 days later)
Roboco-sanRoboco-san759,0001M2022-09-03 (318 days later)
Sakura MikoSakura Miko1,250,0002M2023-08-29 (678 days later)
Hoshimachi SuiseiHoshimachi Suisei1,180,0002M2023-03-12 (508 days later)
Yozora MelYozora Mel614,0001M2024-09-24 (1,070 days later)
Aki RosenthalAki Rosenthal596,0001M2023-08-19 (668 days later)
Akai HaatoAkai Haato1,280,0002M2024-01-01 (803 days later)
Shirakami FubukiShirakami Fubuki1,640,0002M2022-10-03 (348 days later)
Natsuiro MatsuriNatsuiro Matsuri1,140,0002M2026-11-26 (1,863 days later)
Minato AquaMinato Aqua1,410,0002M2024-04-30 (923 days later)
Murasaki ShionMurasaki Shion890,0001M2022-02-18 (121 days later)
Nakiri AyameNakiri Ayame1,140,0002M2026-11-11 (1,848 days later)
Yuzuki ChocoYuzuki Choco751,0001M2022-10-05 (350 days later)
Oozora SubaruOozora Subaru1,150,0002M2023-05-20 (577 days later)
Ookami MioOokami Mio867,0001M2022-04-27 (189 days later)
Nekomata OkayuNekomata Okayu1,210,0002M2024-01-14 (816 days later)
Inugami KoroneInugami Korone1,700,0002M2022-08-14 (298 days later)
AZKiAZKi525,0001M2025-11-05 (1,477 days later)
Usada PekoraUsada Pekora1,740,0002M2022-07-05 (258 days later)
Uruha RushiaUruha Rushia1,440,0002M2023-07-09 (627 days later)
Shiranui FlareShiranui Flare787,0001M2022-10-10 (355 days later)
Shirogane NoelShirogane Noel1,330,0002M2023-09-11 (691 days later)
Houshou MarineHoushou Marine1,660,0002M2022-10-06 (351 days later)
Amane KanataAmane Kanata1,060,0002Munforeseeable (-1 days later)
Kiryu CocoKiryu Coco1,440,0002Munforeseeable (-1 days later)
Tsunomaki WatameTsunomaki Watame1,080,0002M2027-04-05 (1,993 days later)
Tokoyami TowaTokoyami Towa837,0001M2022-04-24 (186 days later)
Himemori LunaHimemori Luna715,0001M2022-07-10 (263 days later)
Yukihana LamyYukihana Lamy837,0001M2022-06-27 (250 days later)
Momosuzu NeneMomosuzu Nene792,0001M2022-07-23 (276 days later)
Shishiro BotanShishiro Botan1,000,0002M2024-04-15 (908 days later)
Omaru PolkaOmaru Polka844,0001M2022-04-07 (169 days later)
Airani IofifteenAirani Iofifteen473,0001M2025-01-13 (1,181 days later)
Moona HoshinovaMoona Hoshinova888,0001M2022-02-16 (119 days later)
Ayunda RisuAyunda Risu540,0001M2025-03-23 (1,250 days later)
Kureiji OllieKureiji Ollie856,0001M2022-01-29 (101 days later)
Anya MelfissaAnya Melfissa395,0001M2026-01-21 (1,554 days later)
Pavolia ReinePavolia Reine502,0001M2024-02-02 (835 days later)
Mori CalliopeMori Calliope1,740,0002M2022-04-02 (164 days later)
Takanashi KiaraTakanashi Kiara1,220,0002M2024-10-22 (1,098 days later)
Ninomae InanisNinomae Inanis1,240,0002M2023-06-22 (610 days later)
Gawr GuraGawr Gura3,490,0004M2022-02-19 (122 days later)
Watson AmeliaWatson Amelia1,480,0002M2023-03-21 (517 days later)
Tsukumo SanaTsukumo Sana205,0001M2024-01-13 (815 days later)
Ceres FaunaCeres Fauna319,0001M2022-10-18 (363 days later)
Ouro KuroniiOuro Kuronii476,0001M2022-02-25 (128 days later)
Nanashi MumeiNanashi Mumei375,0001M2022-06-15 (238 days later)
Hakos BaelzHakos Baelz312,0001M2022-09-24 (339 days later)
IRySIRyS672,0001M2022-07-21 (274 days later)